Welcome to We Are One

Welcome to We Are One

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting our website and hopefully finding our opportunities enticing! We are very excited for our Greece program this winter and have a lot of fun and exciting things planned. We are also taking applications for our programs next summer in Greece and Ukraine! So feel free to inquire about any opportunity that we offer.

We are also very open-minded about creating and expanding our programs and the ability to spread our reach and positively impact lives all around the globe. If you have any ideas of places that we can serve feel free to contact us to discuss how we can get involved and create other amazing opportunities.

In this blog you will find ALL program updates listed here as well as any news about our partners. We will also be posting news and stories about the areas that our programs operate in. This will be good for prospective volunteers to get updated information on the area that they will be working in. 

Please check back and if you have any questions, concerns or ideas feel free to email us at admin@standasoneworld.org.

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