Hurricane Harvey – Houston

Hurricane Harvey – Houston

Recently the U.S. state of Texas was hit by a massive category 4 hurricane that has destroyed almost everything in its path. Many of you may have friends or family who was impacted by the vicious storm. Over 50 inches of rain has fallen accompanied by rising rivers and dams. Many of us cannot imagine the terror and stress and loss that is being endured by the victims. Families with children and pets have lost everything they have worked their whole lives to achieve. 

As the rain continues to pour on Houston we ask you to keep these people in your thoughts and prayers and to help in any way that you can. At the current time it is impossible for us to organize a relief team to send to Houston. But we have compiled a list of links for everyone who is interested in helping from home. 

We ask that you take a minute and look through these links and give a little piece of you to those suffering in Houston. 

Global Giving – An international organization that supports local charities and organizations. 
Save The Children
– An international organization focused on children, making sure they have a healthy start to life.
Direct Relief – An international organization that provides emergency relief and helps equip local health providers.
Portlight – A U.S.-based organization that will help displaced residents who have disabilities or otherwise need special care.
Heart-To-Heart International – An international organization which will help provide medical supplies.
Airbnb – If you can offer up room locally for displaced residents and evacuees, or if you need a place to stay, AirBNB will help facilitate that.
Houston SPCA – SPCA is an animal shelter and is also taking in stray or displaced pets.
Coalition For The Homeless – An umbrella organization coordinating shelters and organizations across Houston.

From animal assistance, to food and shelter donations, you can find a link above.

**If you are interested in putting together a team of volunteers to go and help the rescue and relief efforts in Houston, contact We Are One at and we can assist with this process personally.**


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