January 5th – January 20th


Greece - Refugee Relief 

 Thank you so much in your interest in our 2018 Greece Program. Sadly, we are unable to run this program this summer. But this program will return in the Winter of 2019! We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

If you are interested in other opportunities for this summer, check out our English teaching program that will run this June!


Store for resident families

Volunteers may be assigned to work in small stores located within the camp. You will interact with residents by helping with any of their needs while they are shopping for their basic needs.

Infrastrucutre projects

Volunteers have the opportunity to work on infrastructure projects around the camps. Many residents need repairs to their living areas. Volunteers will also work on areas around the camps common areas to make the camp more comfortable and suitable for living.


Greece has a vast variety of things to explore in your free time. When we are not volunteering we like to spend the time seeing historical and cultural attractions. We spend a couple nights enjoying local cuisine and drinks. Also, don't forget your bathing suit, the beach is not far!

Think your ready to apply?

For more information check out our FAQ page, the program pages, or email us at Admin@standasoneworld.org!